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The Umbrella Company OPEN 2011

The Inaugural Umbrella Company Open results are in from the weekend. Underdog Andy Hill took the title from self proclaimed favourite Stephen Reeve with Martyn Wood bringing up the rear.

Despite Mr Reeves fears of bad weather around tee off, with the excpetion of a quick shower going up the 10th fairway, the weather was perfect for golf. This was the first of many things not to go right for club house favourite Reeve, culminating with a 'stolen' ball on the 18th fairway and resulting wayward shots although by this time the result was already sorted.

Underdog and relative newcomer to the game Andy Hill took the title by four shots from Reeve who did take his defeat gracefully (eventually) with a battling Martyn Wood a further four shots behind although he did show glimpses of promise and must still be considered a contender for future competitions.

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